Walkthrough Episode 9: Walking eps 14 and 15 of The Walk

Sweet sucking peat bog, listeners, it’s episode 9! We meet an American! Emma has two love interests! Layla’s trust chart may be shifting!

Julia walked around the Mt. Holyoke campus, which was gorgeous, and which also contains one Lawrence House.

Amal walked around Winterlude in Ottawa, where there were SUPER IMPRESSIVE ice sculptures!

We talked about disaster tourism and volunteering. These are a few pictures of Julia’s volunteering in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. The Red Cross vest and the major devastation flooded road are from September of 2005 just after the hurricane hit. The one building a porch is from July of 2007. Hurricane Katrina did a lot of damage that is still being fixed twelve years later.


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Walkthrough Episode 8: Walking eps 12, 13, and Challenge 5

Layla is delighted to have stolen a pair of boots! In the real world, Layla visited the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) and Amal saw Hamilton and visited the Grand Central Oyster Bar! Julia ends up taking over the recap! Up is down! Down is up! We have a lot of fun with this one. #Giagnus!


Cologne Cathedral

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Walkthrough Episode 7: Walking eps 10, 11, and challenge 4

We’re back with an actual walking episode! Layla continues to love and trust Charlie, except when she doesn’t!


All three of us reminisce about trouble our younger sisters got us into, Amal tells us all about Irn Bru, and Julia and Amal geek out over Northanger Abbey. Here’s the amazing Irn Bru ad Amal told us about:

This episode is generally a bit off the rails, but the important thing is that Layla still has theories! MANY theories! Unfortunately none of them include any ideas about who Walker actually is.


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Walkthrough Episode 6: WTFthrough!

Hellooooooooo, listeners! WE ARE BACK! After a hiatus which included life changing and world changing events of the good and bad varieties, we RETURN. This was a hard episode for us. We tried it once and then had to scrap that and re-record. This episode is just to tell you about where we’ve been and what’s up (with, of course, a little discussion of exercise and Naomi Alderman/Six to Start games, because, hey, we’re us!), but NEXT TIME there will be more episodes of The Walk!

This is the painting Amal was mentioning in connection with Walter Benjamin and Rabih Alameddine. Also, Layla mistakenly called Juan Gabriel Vásquez by the wrong name, but this is who she saw reading!


Coll IMJ,
 photo (c) IMJ


  • CC BY-SA 3.0
  • File:Klee, paul, angelus novus, 1920.jpg
  • Created: 31 December 1919

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P.S. Here’s a link to the Unreliable Narrators Podcast episode that featured Naomi Alderman (and which Julia got to ask a couple of questions on).

Walkthrough Episode 5S: SPOILERCAST for eps 8 and 9 of The Walk

Amal and Julia dissect Layla’s reactions to the latest episodes of The Walk, then somehow they fall into a lengthy discussion of Pokemon Go!

That’s Pikachu!

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P.S. Listeners asked, and we listened! Feel free to discuss spoilers in the comments on this post!

Walkthrough Episode 5: Walking eps 8,9, and Challenge 3

Julia and Amal are in the same place! Julia gives Amal and Layla the gift of Curly Wurly! More trustworthy than the BBC? Amal says maybe! Discussion of wolves, willow bark tea, and of course more Emma! Plus, Layla is floored by a big reveal in the last bonus audio clip!

Amal says the Curly Wurly looks sinister, with two eyes glaring out at us. Luckily, she’s more than equal to the task of devouring it, thus obliterating the danger! Meanwhile Layla peers through hers sneakily.

Amal and Julia were at a writing retreat in a beautifully scenic area. Some of the other writers even joined in their walks!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.24.04 AM.png

Layla has a pretty big reveal, and relates it back to her real life!

Julia did Episode 8 as a 5k Color Run in Cleveland, Ohio. She ran through downtown Cleveland and past the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but since it was 90 degrees and humid, she walked the last couple of kilometers. By the end she was covered in colored chalk and extremely ready for food, which, luckily, was exactly what she got when her 5k companions took her to the Inn of the Barristers, where there is a Bar of Justice.

Layla did some walking in New Orleans! Also eating, because walking works up an appetite and the food in New Orleans is delicious!

Amal walked on dark wooded trails where she found deer tracks, and was fortunately not attacked by bears!


Finally, this case study in personalities: Julia and Amal both ate Curly Wurly bars. Which wrapper goes with which walker?