Walkthrough Episode 1 – Introduction

At last our long walk is about to begin! This introductory episode covers the format of the game and the way the podcast will work, but we don’t actually end up introducing ourselves properly! That’ll come in episode 2!

In this episode, we talk about how Amal started playing (and why she got so involved that she drew Julia in and eventually started a podcast!), and a bit about the game’s immersive features like the grey square landscape items you can collect along the way.

Next week, we’ll be starting the actual game. We’ll be walking episodes 1 and 2 and completing the first 24 hour challenge. Please do get The Walk for your phone and join us!

4 thoughts on “Walkthrough Episode 1 – Introduction

    • Hi, Mel! Great question! I’m not entirely sure. I think the app uses your phone’s accelerometer to register movement, so it doesn’t have to be walking exactly, but I’m not clear on what motions would register. I imagine if the phone were strapped to your arm and you were rolling yourself that might work? I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer!


    • Hi, Danielle! We are so excited that you’re going to be playing along with us! We’ll be releasing spoiler casts, too, but if you have not played the second half of the game, we’d advise waiting until you’ve played all the way through to listen to those.


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