Walkthrough Episode 5: Walking eps 8,9, and Challenge 3

Julia and Amal are in the same place! Julia gives Amal and Layla the gift of Curly Wurly! More trustworthy than the BBC? Amal says maybe! Discussion of wolves, willow bark tea, and of course more Emma! Plus, Layla is floored by a big reveal in the last bonus audio clip!

Amal says the Curly Wurly looks sinister, with two eyes glaring out at us. Luckily, she’s more than equal to the task of devouring it, thus obliterating the danger! Meanwhile Layla peers through hers sneakily.

Amal and Julia were at a writing retreat in a beautifully scenic area. Some of the other writers even joined in their walks!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.24.04 AM.png

Layla has a pretty big reveal, and relates it back to her real life!

Julia did Episode 8 as a 5k Color Run in Cleveland, Ohio. She ran through downtown Cleveland and past the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but since it was 90 degrees and humid, she walked the last couple of kilometers. By the end she was covered in colored chalk and extremely ready for food, which, luckily, was exactly what she got when her 5k companions took her to the Inn of the Barristers, where there is a Bar of Justice.

Layla did some walking in New Orleans! Also eating, because walking works up an appetite and the food in New Orleans is delicious!

Amal walked on dark wooded trails where she found deer tracks, and was fortunately not attacked by bears!


Finally, this case study in personalities: Julia and Amal both ate Curly Wurly bars. Which wrapper goes with which walker?

Walkthrough Episode 4s: SPOILERCAST for Eps 6 and 7 of The Walk

Amal and Julia dissect Layla’s reactions, theories, and trust chart! Layla can’t listen to this episode yet, but when she finally does, she’ll get a special message from Julia.

There’s also discussion of Revolutionary Girl Utena (again), a giant sinkhole in Ottawa, and other exciting things.


Finally, in the bonus materials, Amal is utterly disgusted by Julia’s breakfast choices. So much that she’s compelled to send a disgusted!selfie.



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