Walkthrough Episode 8: Walking eps 12, 13, and Challenge 5

Layla is delighted to have stolen a pair of boots! In the real world, Layla visited the Cologne Cathedral (K├Âlner Dom) and Amal saw Hamilton and visited the Grand Central Oyster Bar! Julia ends up taking over the recap! Up is down! Down is up! We have a lot of fun with this one. #Giagnus!


Cologne Cathedral

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Walkthrough Episode 7S: Spoilercast for Eps 10 and 11

Amal and Julia discuss Layla’s reactions in a pretty quick spoilercast. Mostly we even stay on topic about The Walk! It’s like we’ve been secretly replaced with people who don’t ramble into tangenty paths at the drop of a hat!


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Walkthrough Episode 7: Walking eps 10, 11, and challenge 4

We’re back with an actual walking episode! Layla continues to love and trust Charlie, except when she doesn’t!


All three of us reminisce about trouble our younger sisters got us into, Amal tells us all about Irn Bru, and Julia and Amal geek out over Northanger Abbey. Here’s the amazing Irn Bru ad Amal told us about:

This episode is generally a bit off the rails, but the important thing is that Layla still has theories! MANY theories! Unfortunately none of them include any ideas about who Walker actually is.


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