Walkthrough Episode 9S: SPOILERCAST for eps 14 and 15

Amal and Julia dissect Layla’s reactions to episodes 14 and 15 of The Walk, and also they sing. And have extended discussions of ice cream. It’s… a very special spoilercast.

Also of note: the mimic octopus.


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Walkthrough Episode 9: Walking eps 14 and 15 of The Walk

Sweet sucking peat bog, listeners, it’s episode 9! We meet an American! Emma has two love interests! Layla’s trust chart may be shifting!

Julia walked around the Mt. Holyoke campus, which was gorgeous, and which also contains one Lawrence House.

Amal walked around Winterlude in Ottawa, where there were SUPER IMPRESSIVE ice sculptures!

We talked about disaster tourism and volunteering. These are a few pictures of Julia’s volunteering in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. The Red Cross vest and the major devastation flooded road are from September of 2005 just after the hurricane hit. The one building a porch is from July of 2007. Hurricane Katrina did a lot of damage that is still being fixed twelve years later.


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