The Walk by Six To Start & Naomi Alderman

Walkthrough is a podcast and blog started by Julia Rios, Amal El-Mohtar, and Layla Al-Bedawi. On the podcast, we’re playing through and discussing The Walk by Six To Start, a phone app game where players unlock pieces of audio narrative by walking. Amal and Julia became long distance exercise partners through this game in 2014, and we wanted to celebrate that partnership with the world. Layla has never played the game before, so our discussions will feature one brand new player perspective.


Amal and Julia at their first ever 5k race in Somerville, MA, May, 2015.

On the blog, we also plan to discuss other exercises we’re trying and general things we’ve been flailing over (like Hamilton, Steven Universe, books, stories, and anything that makes us get star eyes).


Steven Universe with star eyes.

Who are we?

Amal El-Mohtar is a writer, reviewer, podcaster, narrator, editor, and musician. You can check out her website at amalelmohtar.com, read the poetry zine she edits at www.goblinfruit.net, and hear the music she makes at bactroubadours.com. Or you could just play the video below, you know, just to get a taste of her awesomeness.

Julia Rios is a writer, editor, podcaster, and narrator. You can find out more by visiting www.juliarios.com.

Layla Al-Bedawi is a writer, translator, podcaster, and event coordinator. You can check out her website at laylaalbedawi.com, and you can find out about the awesome work she does with the Houston, Texas area literary scene at www.writespacehouston.org.

Julia and Layla

Julia and Layla in Houston, February, 2016


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