Walkthrough Episode 5S: SPOILERCAST for eps 8 and 9 of The Walk

Amal and Julia dissect Layla’s reactions to the latest episodes of The Walk, then somehow they fall into a lengthy discussion of Pokemon Go!

That’s Pikachu!

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P.S. Listeners asked, and we listened! Feel free to discuss spoilers in the comments on this post!

Walkthrough Episode 5: Walking eps 8,9, and Challenge 3

Julia and Amal are in the same place! Julia gives Amal and Layla the gift of Curly Wurly! More trustworthy than the BBC? Amal says maybe! Discussion of wolves, willow bark tea, and of course more Emma! Plus, Layla is floored by a big reveal in the last bonus audio clip!

Amal says the Curly Wurly looks sinister, with two eyes glaring out at us. Luckily, she’s more than equal to the task of devouring it, thus obliterating the danger! Meanwhile Layla peers through hers sneakily.

Amal and Julia were at a writing retreat in a beautifully scenic area. Some of the other writers even joined in their walks!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.24.04 AM.png

Layla has a pretty big reveal, and relates it back to her real life!

Julia did Episode 8 as a 5k Color Run in Cleveland, Ohio. She ran through downtown Cleveland and past the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but since it was 90 degrees and humid, she walked the last couple of kilometers. By the end she was covered in colored chalk and extremely ready for food, which, luckily, was exactly what she got when her 5k companions took her to the Inn of the Barristers, where there is a Bar of Justice.

Layla did some walking in New Orleans! Also eating, because walking works up an appetite and the food in New Orleans is delicious!

Amal walked on dark wooded trails where she found deer tracks, and was fortunately not attacked by bears!


Finally, this case study in personalities: Julia and Amal both ate Curly Wurly bars. Which wrapper goes with which walker?

Walkthrough Episode 4s: SPOILERCAST for Eps 6 and 7 of The Walk

Amal and Julia dissect Layla’s reactions, theories, and trust chart! Layla can’t listen to this episode yet, but when she finally does, she’ll get a special message from Julia.

There’s also discussion of Revolutionary Girl Utena (again), a giant sinkhole in Ottawa, and other exciting things.


Finally, in the bonus materials, Amal is utterly disgusted by Julia’s breakfast choices. So much that she’s compelled to send a disgusted!selfie.



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Walkthrough Episode 4: Walking Eps 6 and 7 and Challenge 2

Layla made a new friend with INTERESTING theories! She also made a Trust Chart!


Everyone saw birds while walking “As the Bird Her Eggs”!

Layla saw a majestic Egret!IMG_0038

Amal was dive bombed by territorial swallows!

Julia walked in a bird sanctuary and found some adolescent ducks!

Amal and Layla go on an intense birder nerdchat tangent in this episode, but birds aren’t the ONLY animals we encounter. There is also The Crest of the Lion!

Layla LOVES Emma!

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.59.59 AM

But she DID NOT GUESS what our cover story was at the manor house! Nice tries, though!

All of us walked at different times of day. Julia went in full daylight.

Amal went at dusk.

And Layla went at night!

We also talk about the MYSTERIES of tenured professors, form a Stanton swooning groupie club (are you a member? You know you’re a member! RIGHT?), and Layla gives us some pretty out there theories about what Charlie’s deal is.

And finally a little look behind the scenes:

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.05.47 PM

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Walkthrough Episode 3: Walking eps 3, 4, and 5!

Layla gets deeper into the game and revises her trust levels for the different characters in The Walk. Amal summarizes the episodes and then falls into internet oblivion! Julia has SUPER LOUD trucks doing work on the gas main directly outside her house. It’s a bit of a disaster, but we press on with great determination! And humor!

Amal did her walking in Glasgow, Scotland, where the weather was sunny and the bluebells were in bloom!

Julia walked in New York, which involved very odd window displays at high end department stores, and also the stock exchange building, NYPD shot glasses, and Alexander Hamilton’s grave.

And Layla continued with her faithful companion, Steve!

The big question, though: Is the BBC actually more trustworthy than a Curly Wurly? Let’s find out!

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Walkthrough Episode 2S: Our First SPOILERCAST!

Amal and Julia discuss SPOILERS and their reactions to Layla’s initial impressions of The Walk. PLEASE ONLY LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE IF YOU WANT TO HEAR SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRE GAME! We recommend the spoilercasts for people who have already played through the entirety of The Walk. If you haven’t and you think there’s ANY CHANCE that you might like to be surprised by the twists and turns of the game, we promise these episodes will still be here waiting for you when you’re done! Layla will be listening after she finished the entire game, too, so you’re not alone in waiting!


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Walkthrough Episode 2: Beginning the Game!

It’s our second episode! We start by introducing ourselves since we failed to do that in our introductory episode (oops!).

Layla is fluent in German, Russian, and English! She’s a writer, she does translation work, and she’s a full time coordinator at Writespace in Houston, Texas.

Amal is a writer, editor, and critic. She reviews books for NPR, edits the poetry zine, Goblin Fruit, and is currently a finalist for the Locus Award for her fiction (and she won the Locus Award last year, too! Yay!). Amal divides her time between Ottawa and Glasgow.

Julia is a writer and editor. As an editor, she is currently a Hugo Award  finalist for her work with Strange Horizons, which ended in August of 2015. Yay! Now she is the poetry and reprints editor for Uncanny Magazine. Her first writing sale was to Amal’s Goblin Fruit in 2008, and she is delighted eight years later to count Amal as a close friend. She met Layla through the internet in 2001, so she’s getting to do this podcast with two close friends, which is the best.

So, how about the game? In this episode we play “And the Earth Was…”, “Chaos and Confusion”, and the “Look For Sentries” Challenge.

Click here to stream this episode!

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Julia walked Episode 1 in Western Massachusetts with a friend. Beautiful scenery!

And then there was this crumbling barn. Very post-apocalyptic!


Layla texted her live reactions to Julia!

The boy band Come Together. Amal feels like maybe the multitude of beards is a sign of this game taking place in a slightly different universe. at do you think? Agree? Disagree?

Layla doesn’t actually think an EMT took out her cell phone. EMTs are nice people who help save lives! She meant EMP. Oh, typos!


Steve is Layla’s super exhausted walking buddy!

We’re off to an exciting start! Join us next week for Episode 3 when we’ll play Episodes 3 (“The Company of Kings”), 4 (“Heaven is Split Open”), and 5 (“All Tremble at War”). In the next couple of days we;ll also release our first spoilercast, in which Amal and Julia discuss Layla’s initial reactions in the context of the entire game’s story arc. We recommend the spoilercasts only for people who have already played through the entire game. They’ll be there for the rest of you (and Layla!) when you’re finished!


Walkthrough Episode 1 – Introduction

At last our long walk is about to begin! This introductory episode covers the format of the game and the way the podcast will work, but we don’t actually end up introducing ourselves properly! That’ll come in episode 2!

In this episode, we talk about how Amal started playing (and why she got so involved that she drew Julia in and eventually started a podcast!), and a bit about the game’s immersive features like the grey square landscape items you can collect along the way.

Next week, we’ll be starting the actual game. We’ll be walking episodes 1 and 2 and completing the first 24 hour challenge. Please do get The Walk for your phone and join us!

Announcing Walkthrough!

Amal asked me if I might like to do a podcast about The Walk, the smartphone game that made us become international exercise partners. Really! We started playing and then we couldn’t stop texting each other and wanting to exercise together from afar. Obviously, I said yes to the podcast idea! I also dragged my awesome friend Layla into the mix. Layla’s never played the game before, so we’re going to have a lot of fun getting her first impressions as we play through.


The Walk by Six To Start & Naomi Alderman

In addition to the podcast, you can come back to this blog for general updates on exercise, or whatever we’re excited about at the moment. We may also be inviting guest posters to chime in from time to time. Basically, this blog and podcast are born of fun, a way to unwind and be less formal than we might be in our daily professional lives (and if you want to know more about those, check out our about page!).

At science fiction conventions, sometimes groups of people will get together to hit the hotel gym. Over weights, swimming, or other exercises, we’ll have fun and fascinating conversations about the things that have excited us and made us think. We jokingly call these sessions GymCon, and that’s what we want this blog to be: virtual GymCon for all our exercise and general geekery needs!

We’re ramping up slowly, so the podcast probably won’t start for a few more weeks, but we’ll be blogging before then, and you have plenty of time to download the app and play along with us if you’d like to. We’ll let you know as we get closer to our podcast launch and know more about our walking schedule!