Walkthrough Episode 4s: SPOILERCAST for Eps 6 and 7 of The Walk

Amal and Julia dissect Layla’s reactions, theories, and trust chart! Layla can’t listen to this episode yet, but when she finally does, she’ll get a special message from Julia.

There’s also discussion of Revolutionary Girl Utena (again), a giant sinkhole in Ottawa, and other exciting things.


Finally, in the bonus materials, Amal is utterly disgusted by Julia’s breakfast choices. So much that she’s compelled to send a disgusted!selfie.



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Walkthrough Episode 3: Walking eps 3, 4, and 5!

Layla gets deeper into the game and revises her trust levels for the different characters in The Walk. Amal summarizes the episodes and then falls into internet oblivion! Julia has SUPER LOUD trucks doing work on the gas main directly outside her house. It’s a bit of a disaster, but we press on with great determination! And humor!

Amal did her walking in Glasgow, Scotland, where the weather was sunny and the bluebells were in bloom!

Julia walked in New York, which involved very odd window displays at high end department stores, and also the stock exchange building, NYPD shot glasses, and Alexander Hamilton’s grave.

And Layla continued with her faithful companion, Steve!

The big question, though: Is the BBC actually more trustworthy than a Curly Wurly? Let’s find out!

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